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Berlin Wall sites:
Newseum: The Berlin Wall - An interactive exhibit
Chris de Witt's Berlin Wall web page - Eighth edition of his site
The House at the Bridge - A Story of Modern Germany
The Berlin Wall - interesting fact site by Burkhard Kiste
The Berlin Wall - Surfing the Net with Kids
The Berlin Wall falls - by Stefan Dressler
The Berlin Wall - The best and sexiest Wall ever existed
The Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz - by Hans Martin Fleischer
The Berlin Wall Walker - John Runnings on the Wall
Berlin Wall Net - by Michael Ourand
The German Way and More -  Extensive site about Berlin and Germany
East/West Berlin 1963 - The Wall of Shame
British Commanders'-in-Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany
The Rise and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall Online - This website:-)
Internet Magazines, Newspapers
Chronik der Wende - Chronical about the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Germany marks anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall - CNN, 1997
The Cold War - CNN Interactive's COLD WAR Web site 
Autumn of Changes 1989 - CNN
The Berlin Wall ten years after - Time, 1999
Ten Years after -The Fall of Communism - Radio Free Europe
When they split Berlin, Washington was asleep - by John C. Ausland, 1989
Building the Wall - BBC World Service, 2001
Berlin and Berlin Wall Photographs
Memories of Berlin - Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall - by Karen Komar
The Lost Border - The Landscape of the Iron Curtain, Photographs by Brian Rose
Berlin Wall pictures - very interesting photographs by Takahisa Matsuura from Japan
The Border Break-through - Dramatic moments: "Border Run" of the GDR-citizens in Sopronpuszta, Hungary, August 1989
Berlin Wall Art - Photographs of Berlin Wall from May 1989
Berlin Wall photographs - by Juergen Mueller Schneck
Berlin Wall photographs 1961 - by Hans-Joachim Helwig-Wilson
Berlin Wall photographs 1976 - Berlin Impressions by Peter van Nugteren
Berlin and Berlin Wall Art
Berlin Wall Art - Artists for Freedom
East Side Gallery e.V. - Artists Initiative  East Gallery
Archives / Speeches
The Cold War - The British National Archives
The German Propaganda Archive - by Clavin College
Kennedy at the Berlin Wall - Ich bin ein Berliner
On the Front Lines of the Cold War - CIA,  Documents on the Intelligence War in Berlin, 1946 to 1961
The Berlin Crises, 1958-1962 - The National Security Archive
For European Recovery - The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan
Background Information about Germany - U.S. Department of State, 1995
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation - President Reagan Speech 1987
European History - Historical Map of Europe 1945-90
Maps of Europe - The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
Berlin Wall Archive - Documents at German and English
National Archives - of England, Wales and the UK
European NAvigator - Multimedia knowledge base on the history of European integration
Personal Impressions
The Fall on the Berlin Wall - A Personal Account by Andreas Ramos
Berlin 1969 - on the hinge of history - Impressions by R. W. Rynerson
Leo at The Berlin Wall in 1985 - Visiting Berlin
Berlin Guides
International Guide to Berlin - by
Travel guide to Berlin - by
Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH
Museum Guide Berlin
Statue Park Budapest - Gigantic Memorials from the Communist Dictatorship
Cold War Museum - Museum about Cold War
Cold War - A personal guide
Berlin US Military Veterans Association
MoD Reunited Website for serving and ex-serving British armed forces
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