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Thank you for visiting my sites. You can also add my guestbook.

As I have only recently started to visit Germany in the last couple of years,(for business reasons),I have had to admit to, and confront, the prejudice that I carry as a legacy from my London Blitz birth.It was made easy for me on my last visit as I took my youngest son ,( aged 13),with me and we took a short break in Berlin.Whilst explaining to him the Berlin walls significance I began to view the world through his eyes.He saw through the transparency of my bigotory and educated me.Your web site has has been most helpful in completing our education.Thank you.
Kevin Behan
Watford, U.K. - Tuesday, December 29, 1998 at 18:48:12 (EST)

Very nostalgic trip through Berlin. I'm US Army Retired and have a bit of time on my hands now, so I got on the internet just because and found your site. Even though I was never stationed in West Berlin, I had the opportunity to visit that fair city twice. In fact I still have napkins from an Italian restaurant somewhere on Unter den Eichen, GREAT FOOD!!! I have fond memories of visiting the city, I have pictures of the stadium where Jessie Owens broke records and I really didn't recognize PotsdamerPlatz and I have pictures of that place, too. Now on a more personal note: I would love to find the Oshiros (Chris, Ana, Kristof (sp) and Samiko. Chris and family live in Northern Germany, possibly Papenburg; he is a very talented artist of Guamanian descent, Ana is German and worked at a restaurant in Papenburg on Kirschstrasse. We last saw them in Oct 89. Should anyone have information on them, please don't hesitate to send us e-mail. Again, the site on Berlin was very informative and brought back a lot of memories. Anytime Mr Boatwright comments on a city it has to be "down like four flat tires".
Jack & Lynn Boatwright
Atlanta, GA USA - Monday, December 28, 1998 at 14:11:54 (EST)

MECHANICSBURG, PA USA - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 23:19:52 (EST)

I was stationed at Tempelhof airport from October, 1960 to April, 1964. Like President Kennedy, I was a foreigner by birth and citizenship, but as a free man, Ich wahr ein Berliner. In meinem Herz, ich bleibe immer noch ein Berliner. To those who believe evil must triumph over good, "Lass Sie nach Berlin kommen!" Fruendliche Gruesse aus Texas.
Dennis Bateman
Canyon Lake, TX USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 20:37:07 (EST)

I was stationed at the Famous Mcnair Barracks from 1981 to 1984 with c 3/6 Infantry. The memories are unforgettable. If anyone recognizes me, please contact me. Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
Moses Lake, WA USA - Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 18:22:36 (EST)

Yeah, I was lookin' at your page to try and find some info I could use to compare East and West Germany. Hopefully I'll be able to pick some stuff out of here. My family is German, so whatever I don't find here I'll find through them. My great grandparents left there and came here; leaving famliy behind. Her sister or someone wrote her during WW2 telling her it was a good thing they left when they did. My gramma still has that letter, and it's such a neat piece of history not only in our families, but it's a piece of the worlds history as well. Thank you for having this site for all to look at. :)
Cool, Ca USA - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 21:54:45 (EST)

I'm doing an extra credit projest on the berlin wall, and this site has some excellent information. I learned a lot and I'm going to use some of the information I learned on here in my project. Thank you for having such a wonderful site!
Manhattan, KS USA - Saturday, December 19, 1998 at 12:49:13 (EST)

I have a very good pen friend that lives in East Berlin , and many more friends that are German. I am an always happy to learn more about the country. I hope that someday soon I can visit germany. Until then web pages like this can appease me!!!
Therese Sampietro
Nacogdoches, tx USA - Wednesday, December 16, 1998 at 12:05:38 (EST)

PS: Your website is wonderful with lots of info. and interesting pictures!
Joy Mansinha
New York City, NY USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 17:26:48 (EST)

What an exciting and fascinating city! My boyfriend is from Berlin and I visited Berlin for the first time last summer and was completely enchanted. It is the most unusual city in Germany that I have ever seen. I have been a fan of Wim Wenders and always wanted to see the city that inspires him. I will be in Berlin again in less than two weeks and can't wait to see the almost finished Potsdamer Platz!
Joy Mansinha
New York City, NY USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 17:21:40 (EST)

Ick bin een Berliner, born before the war. I never believed to see the wall coming down, even then my old father say,s :That the wall should be rebuilt & twice as high ! Horst Kopp
Horst Kopp
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 04:18:47 (EST)

joe robinson
TRAVERSE CITY, MI USA - Monday, December 14, 1998 at 16:21:12 (EST)

I love your page, and it is so true about Berlin. Ich bin eine Deutsche Austauschschuelerin in America und mehr aus Zufall hier gelandet, aber ich bin hier in wundervolle erinnerungen verfallen. Ich haette die Stadt nicht besser presentieren koennen! Ich habe gleich eine Empfelung an meinen Onkel, welcher in Berlin lebt, geschickt! Mach weiter so alles gute Hanne
Hanne Wunscher
Lacey, WA USA - Thursday, December 10, 1998 at 21:19:26 (EST)

Hi im joey and i just visited your web site and i love it. And I was wondering if you could give us some more info for our project on the Berlin Wall. Thanks.
Joey Davis
USA - Thursday, December 10, 1998 at 18:08:16 (EST)

It was nice to see that the DDR is still alive. I went to school there in 1988 and 1990. I have many fond memories. I am still frustrated by the negative propaganda about Berlin's eastern half. I hope that I am able to return again but until then I will be checking out this site. Tschuss
Paul Wallpe
Cincinnati, OOH USA - Sunday, December 06, 1998 at 18:46:10 (EST)

I love the pics. i'm entering a contest and i'm doing a paiting and i'm going to paint one of the pics. THANX
Micah Schultz
temple, tx USA - Tuesday, November 17, 1998 at 23:16:53 (EST)

awesome page,great info
walker, La USA - Friday, November 13, 1998 at 13:06:18 (EST)

thanx for the information on your page!! i have to do a research project on the berlin wall, and this was really helpful! keep up the good work!
Santa Rosa, ca USA - Wednesday, November 11, 1998 at 21:06:38 (EST)

We would just like to thank you sooo much for making this berlin web page that takes our german class out of normal learning tasks and into the virtual world, where i don't have any homework for tonite! you are such way the dear lord up above have grace on you and your family's and everyone in Berlin...a prayer will be said for YOU at my Thanksgiving dinner-oh yeah..."rubAdub dub, thanks for the grub...and those super groovy Berlin web cite people" it just brings tears to our eyes really-i need to go...i'm getting clouded by my emotions..see you on my friday and saturday are worth it!
Inga und Gedrun
Aurora, co USA - Wednesday, November 11, 1998 at 10:47:37 (EST)

Very interesting to our German 3 class. I loved the East Side Gallery pics.
aurora, co USA - Wednesday, November 11, 1998 at 10:33:24 (EST)

Great page! If you're interested, I have some pics of Berlin before and after and some of the German/German border. Thanks for the great page!
Kurt Nicklas
Burlington, nc USA - Sunday, November 01, 1998 at 14:55:04 (EST)

very helpfull for A levels i got a lot of interesting infomation from this site thank you
milton keynes, bucks england - Wednesday, October 28, 1998 at 14:53:47 (EST)

Thanks for the info I had a lot of fun looking at the pictures of the wall and what happened to the people who lived near the wall it was COOL Thank for the info again Bye SITA PHOENIX
Here, There Everywhere - Sunday, October 25, 1998 at 22:14:52 (EST)

I served in the mortar plt at McNair Kasern,from July3,1981 to November9,1982.I have very pleasant memories of the city,the people,the atmosphere.Spent way too much time on the Kudamn especially at the Big Eden Disco,21 Club,Big Apple,The Homebar and the Nashville next to Andrews barracks.Wow! My did time fly their.Anyone recognizing my name or even if you don`t know me,if you served in Berlin,we are connected.Feel free to send an E-mail my way.Berlin Forever Free!!!
Ron Lee
Follansbee, WV USA - Friday, October 23, 1998 at 22:26:53 (EDT)

I ran away to Berlin in 1982 and spent a very interesting time there. I'm glad I had that "cold war experience". I returned to Berlin this summer for the first time in 16 years. The wall was in the street where I used to live so you can imagine how different it is now. I guess I will always have a fascination with the Berlin wall and the city generally so I have really enjoyed visiying your site - thanks.
Margot Douglas
Northumberland, England - Sunday, October 11, 1998 at 08:18:02 (EDT)

I enjoyed your site. My father was a member of an Arkansas National Guard unit that was activated and sent to Germany in 1961 to observe the building of the wall. He has many slides and photos. As soon as I have his page up and running I will provide a link to your page for a reciprocal. Good job on your site.
Duncan McGinnis
Spring, TX USA - Friday, October 09, 1998 at 19:22:22 (EDT)

Wonderful page! Thanks for all the info, it really helped me on my project!!!
Oshawa, ON Canada - Sunday, October 04, 1998 at 11:18:55 (EDT)

Was stationed in Berlin with the US Army from aug 80 to Mar 82 with A 4/6 in. Was the most rewarding place that I have been stationed in my almost twenty years in the army. Your site is great have book marked it for a most a year just came back to look at it and it has become greater. Trying to come back to germany this year. Hope to get up the to show my wife and kids.
Rick Bigham
Ft Polk, La US - Tuesday, September 29, 1998 at 15:35:17 (EDT)

Thank you for such a helpful website! I was helping a young student find information on the Berlin Wall and I hit "pay dirt" with your site! It was so helpful.
Stephanie Dupre
Patterson, LA United States - Tuesday, September 29, 1998 at 15:32:54 (EDT)

Thankyou for helping with my German school work, It was very much apriciated and easy to understand.
Susan Thurogood
England - Friday, September 25, 1998 at 07:08:40 (EDT)

I was a member of Combat Support Company 4th Bn/6th Inf, Scout Platoon, 1980 through 1983. I lived at Mcnair Kasern. I traveled through out the city on my free time, as well as my duties on "Wall Patrol". I fell in love with Berlin and the wonderful people who inhabit this unique and beautiful city. I made many good friends there, British, Australian, German and American. It was a wonderful time in my life, and I was proud to serve. If anyone recognizes my name, please feel free to E-mail me.
Doug Bottalico
Deltona, Fl USA - Tuesday, September 22, 1998 at 17:42:55 (EDT)

thank you for the memorys, i was posted to Berlin on a two year tour of duty in 1980-82 my eldest son was born there in the british milatary hospital, i enjoyed my virtal trip back to berlin, i enjoyed my two years there and the people where very friendly, thank god the wall has gone forever best regards MR & mrs Gore ex: 1st battalion the kings own royal border regt....
Tommy Gore
leicester, england - Saturday, September 19, 1998 at 15:41:45 (EDT)

I visited Berlin many times while it was divided and was struck by the beauty and the ugliness of this divided city. I have visited it since the demolition of the Wall and each time I notice more beauty and less ugliness. Your site reminds methough, that we should never be allowed to forget the circumstances that resulted in the construction and destruction of the Wall.
Ellen Pinegar
Kansas City, KS USA - Friday, September 11, 1998 at 21:14:53 (EDT)

I like the info at this site, especially the photographic comparisons between the 60's and today. Thanks a lot!!
Jamie Ridderhof
Perth, WA Australia - Thursday, September 03, 1998 at 08:26:30 (EDT)

I visited Berlin in 1975 and saw both sides of the wall. Going thru Checkpoint Charlie was an experience I will never forget. At the time it seemed the wall would last forever. I hope to visit the new reunited Berlin one of these days.
Augusta Eller
St. Clair Shores, MI USA - Sunday, August 30, 1998 at 15:16:48 (EDT)

Terrific site. It's understandable, but still sad that ALL traces of the Wall are being wiped away. A better lesson would be to preserve parts of it so new generations could touch and see how it really was. Congrats on a great site.
jeff porro
Washington, dc USA - Friday, August 14, 1998 at 12:47:27 (EDT)

I visited Berlin and many of the former sites of the wall the weekend of August 8-9, 1998. I am looking forward to learning more of the history of the wall and its impact on Germany and its citizens before my next visit next summer.
Mel Miller
Chesapeake, VA USA - Thursday, August 13, 1998 at 15:27:14 (EDT)

I knew and loved Berlin in the late 1960's, visited many times cried the first time I was able to walk thru the Brandenburg Gate in 1991 and my last visit was in 1994. I am really looking forward to my visit in September 1998 to see all the changes to the city!!!!
Robert Pelletier
Hollywood, FL USA - Monday, July 06, 1998 at 12:01:47 (EDT)

I hope this page will be the start for my Berlinvisit. Ich wunche das diesem URL die Start auf meinen Berlintour wollen.(the spelling ???) Jag hoppas att denna sida blir starteb för min Berlintur.
Pontus Falk
Sweden - Saturday, June 20, 1998 at 02:17:46 (EDT)

Thank you for the help I got in putting together my timeline for the Sixties for Social Studies!!!
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA - Monday, May 18, 1998 at 22:07:21 (EDT)

I was a member of the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade from 1985-1988 (6-502d Infantry). Enjoyed the nostalgic trip to Berlin via the web page. My best assignment; will never forget the wonderful citizens of Berlin and the great soldiers of the Berlin Brigade. A very special city in a very difficult period of history. Enjoyed your page very much.
COL Victor J. Bero
Fort Benning, Ga USA - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 21:43:11 (EDT)

I like it
Germany - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 17:18:18 (EDT)

I found this site to be incredibly interesting and full of information that allowed me to complete my term paper for my freshman year of college. Thank you for the information that was shared with us. Sincerely, Becca Price
Becca Price
Elon College, NC United States - Tuesday, April 28, 1998 at 11:15:36 (EDT)

Es war interessant. Viele Grüße aus Bleikvasslia.
Merete Berg
Norway - Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 07:46:42 (EDT)

I have been fascinated by the Berlin Wall for as long as i can remember...I was interested in knowing more about how to attain a piece of it...?????
jen woodward
tacoma, wa usa - Monday, March 02, 1998 at 04:07:07 (EST)

I was stationed in Berlin with the US Army from JAN 92- SEP 94 when everything pretty much had closed. I am fortunate to still be stationed here in Germany (Bamberg) and visit Berlin quite often. Berlin will always hold a very special place in my mind and heart.
Shawn Mitchell
Bamberg, Germany - Sunday, March 01, 1998 at 09:36:27 (EST)

My Wife And I Were In Berlin On Our Way To Warsaw And Moscow, In The Summer Of 1996. I Love The City With All Of Its History. I Would Love To See It Again, When All The Rebuilding Is Completed In 1999. We Stayed At The Berlin Hotel, And It Was Very Nice ,With A Beautiful Dining Room.
DECATUR, IL U.S.A. - Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 21:19:27 (EST)