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I visited Berlin as a 16 year old pupil from Holland. The visit to East-Berlin was an amazing experience, seeing the vast difference between the west and east, the lack of goods in the shops in the east (they all seemed to sell chocolate). It was a week full of very strong impressions, and it changed me for life. I went back a few years ago and admired the modern architecture, and still felt that this city makes one comtemplate many aspects of human life. Just now I was looking at Berlin using google earth. Is there someone who could make a KML which shows where the wall was?

Johan Turkenburg
November 15, 2008

Remarks: An OpenStreetMap GPS trace is scheduled within the next three months
I stood in front of the wall in 1966, I was a 17 year old military dependent. It was a scary feeling looking over that wall and see what it was like to lose the freedoms that we in America take so much for granted. As I stood there, I thanked those who fought and died for my freedom. I fly my American Flag and every Memorial Day and Veteran\'s Day I take the time to remember and thank those men and women who gave their all. And I hope you all do the same. Thank you to our troops.

Larrie Bennich
October 5, 2008
Served in the 43 Chemical Det. and then in Fox Co. 40 Th Armor as NBC NCO from 1987 TO 1990.Loved it there and would love to see it know. also knew a girl named Katrina Wentcher,would love to hear from her and just say hello.

Len Gregory {Bama}
July 11, 2008
Reading the serie of 10 books by Len Deighton, starting with Berlin Game, I used the maps of this site a lot. It made reading more comprehensive. Also the pictures gave a good impression.

Peter Schuit
June 11, 2008
Just been to see the Berlin wall close to checkpoint charlie.I dont think the wall should be made new again, its not like restoring the brandenberg gate by filling in a few holes, you would make it new again, so new cement, new paint, so what you would be looking at is a new wall.You would not see anything of the original wall. Far better to restore a section already bulldozed, away from existing sections so people can visit both. People can see what it looked like then and now.

Ian Hand
May 31, 2008
I served with A,2/12th Inf. Regiment,of the First Infantry Division (Big Red One). in 1962 we went to W.Germany on Operation Long Thrust IV. Spent 3 months at Wildflecken, and then 3 months + at Andrews Barracks in W. Berlin reenforcing the Berlin Brigade. We were there during the Cuban Missle Crisis. I have many fond memories of both places.

Charles Moy
May 6, 2008
Great website! Actually, I was browsing through looking for a website to help me for a project I was given at school, this one was really handy. I\'m really interested in countries things to do with World War 2. Though I am disappointed about the Berlin Wall today, I still hope to visit Berlin one day. Sincerely, Raweeha

April 26, 2008
I was taken on a tour of East Berlin while visiting West Berlin in May 1990. As we travelled in the bus I suddenly saw graffitti on the wall on the east side which surprised me and I just managed to grab my camera in time to take a photo from the moving bus. The photo inculded a couple of panels of the wall including the panel that descrbed the area as the \"East End Gallery\". I was amazed at the detail of the works and always wondered how the artists had time to complete them under the East German regime. A search side-trip just took me to your site where I learned for the first time that the paintings began in that brief period between November 1989, when things started to relax, and my visit the following May. Let me know if the photo might be of interest to you. I can scan it first for your review and then send you a print if you want one.

Jim Richards
April 21, 2008
It\'s a very helpful page for my research paper except for the fact that it doesn\'t show the sources

von gleichen
April 8, 2008
I was stationed in Frankfurt at Edwards Kaserne when the wall came down. Definitely an historical moment for me. I love Germany.

Mike Engles
March 14, 2008
i was stationed at mcnair from sept 1962 to april 1964.
HHC6th Inf. 4.2 mortor plt.
i can't remember the street that mcnair was on. if anyone knows please e-mail the info to me. thanks

sol katz
January 20, 2008
Really good page, with very useful information, I wish all the best in new year 2008!

January 8, 2008
Lived in berlin 1983 - 1994. Fabulous times happy memories. worked for naafi met lots of friends.

tricia revill
January 5, 2008